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Kaizen Fitness Systems is a Strength, Conditioning, and Mobility Training Gym. We provide one-on-one training customized for your individual needs and desires. Our Movement Specialists are top-of-the-line with multiple certifications each. We offer a well-balanced, holistic approach to training. We can help you achieve your full-body goals, whether they are to overcome injury, lose weight, build strength, or improve mobility.

Our first session with new clients will always be a comprehensive, 45-minute movement assessment. We will sit down to discuss your goals, nutrition, work and living style, stress level, and fitness experience. Then we will walk you through several movements to evaluate your strength, mobility, and muscle-neural connections from toes to nose.

We offer new client intro packages, and we have many different package options that will fit your goals and budget. Ask us for more info!

It takes commitment and a willingness to not only be guided but to learn about yourself.

Our goal for each amazing individual is to function optimally. Whether it is preparing for a competition or playing with your kids, life is meant to be lived to the fullest – free of the fear of constraint. We help put those fears to bed by turning your weaknesses to strength.

As we go through life we are bound to endure some injuries, many staying with us longer than we would like. The old school of thought is “this is just how I am now; I will just avoid these positions.” This is a crippling life sentence! Your movements literally create your body on a cellular level. Staying out of certain positions only exacerbates your condition. We work on strengthening these positions in an intense, but pain-free way. We guide the tissues to create desired mobility.

We are 100% committed to you and your goals! It’s time to go from reactive to proactive!

Kaizen Fitness Systems in dedicated to providing the highest quality training with a meticulous eye and a patient, holistic approach to inspire balance in mind, body and soul. Our vision is to cultivate an environment for individuals to have fun, learn and thrive.




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Movement Specialist

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